Sitting Still Like a Frog ~ mindfulness for children

Masterclass for Visibly Engaged Parents

Length: 40 minutes

Format: group video call

Course Description

Does your child have trouble falling asleep?
Does he/she struggle to concentrate at school?
Does he/she have difficulties talking about their emotions or lack self-confidence?

Many children and adolescents have difficulty concentrating. They do not sleep well, worry and have concerns. They also find it difficult to relax, or to simply switch off and do nothing. And they are continually online. Their head is too full, the triggers too many. They are told to so many things.

By themselves, by school, by society. How do you teach a child to relax, to stop worrying, to trust in their own qualities and stay afloat in this demanding 21st century?

What are the requirements?

Openness to learn new techniques, willingness to apply new parenting tools and enthusiasm to share with other parents

What am I going to get from this course?

Laurence Haffmans will guide us through the discovery of a revolutionary method "Sitting Still Like a Frog - Mindfulness Matters!", a playful 8-step mindfulness program designed by Dutch therapist Eline Snel focused on children age 4 to 14. The popular book based on this program sold 450,000 copies in 27 countries.

About Laurence Haffmans
Laurence is a certified instructor of mindfulness for children between 4 to 14 years old, trained in the popular Eline Snel's methodology "Sitting Still Like a Frog - Mindfulness Matters!", Laurence Haffmans is also a trained sophrologist-relaxologist specialized in: - sleep problems - tinnitus/hyperacousis - burnout (pre and post) - perinatal (fertility, pregnancy, parenthood)

Living in Amsterdam for 20 years, Laurence is the mother of 2 teenagers and is fluent in French, English and Dutch.

Who is this course for?